April 2016


My wife and I got married when we turned 18. We did not have the best home life. It was not horrible, but it was not great either. We both decided when we were 11 that we would get married as soon as we were allowed to. We had a plan to save as much money as we could to make our own way. We both worked part time jobs until we could work full time. We were able to get a place at parkatbouldercreek.com after we got married. We were both working full time jobs and actually had good credit established by the time we turned 19.

We both spend time together learning about investing and planning for retirement. I have a friend who lucked into a high paying labor job under a union contract. He bought a new truck and lives in a place he can barely afford. We have a really nice apartment with everything we could ever want, and it is affordable. Plus, we drive an old minivan and a small pickup truck. The apartments are very nice, and there is even a swimming pool and playground. We are not having children yet. We are going to get through college first. My wife is studying to be a nurse and is excelling at it. I have a strong desire to enter the field of medicine too, but one of us has to keep working full time while the other goes to school.

We are impressed with our apartment. It is a really nice place and it is within our budget. We don’t mind living here at all. We thought we were only going to be able to afford some old place with old appliances and stuff. Everything from the walls to the floors and the nicely appointed kitchen are very nice. The next goal is to get a washer and dryer so no more trips to the laundromat.


We got our first military contract. With that came the need to occasionally send employees to military bases all over the world. We have employees who served in the military, and they knew the ropes of getting around on military bases. However, they were also keenly aware of the risks. We were new at this and found out we needed a DBA quote before we could even send an employee outside of the United States to a military base to work. The Defense Base Act was one of many new things to us as a company that was selling and maintaining equipment for the Armed Forces of the United States.

Yes, the military contract grew our company by a significant percentage. It was valuable to us, and we did not want to make any mistakes. Above that, we wanted our people to be safe when working in a theater of operations that was significantly more risky than doing work stateside. We wanted them to be insured, but we did not even know it was a requirement when we first started learning how to fulfill our contract. The DBA quote helped us fulfill the requirements of the act and get the best insurance to provide coverage for our people. Getting insurance is like hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. No one wants to think of being harmed in a war zone, but it does happen.

All of our employees have been safely returning. They do not have to work outside of the base, and we have strict protocols for keeping them in internal green zones during off hours. The insurance is a provision if all of our safety protocols fail. Some of our employees have reported losing friends they have made while working a contract across the world. They enjoy the work, but there is an emotional toll to fulfilling military contracts as civilian contractors.