June 2016


We found a model to represent our brand. She had the look, personality and lifestyle to represent us for the long term. We were looking for a face and spokesperson to represent our brand who shared our values and beliefs. This is a hard thing to accomplish. It is easy to find a pretty face to represent your brand, but it is tough to find someone who actually should and could be associated with your brand. We found someone halfway around the world, and we used a company that does video production in Singapore to do some test video.

Our talent agent was tasked with finding a person who actually lived the life our products represent. We needed someone who was young, athletic and who lived a lifestyle of proper nutrition and health. Someone who was also family oriented and had children. Of course, she also had to have the face and smile we were looking for. The agent found an actress/model living in Singapore who fit our requirements to a tee. We needed to see her on video doing our marketing scripts, so the company that does video production in Singapore set up their studios to produce some rough shoots. They turned out great, so we asked them to shoot us a 30-second spot we could air if we hired her.

Building a brand is easier when you have a spokesperson. Look at the animated character who does the car insurance commercial as well as the character that actress Stephanie Courtney has created for another company. This is what we wanted, but we wanted more reality and less character acting. This was a tough thing to pull off, but our talent agent really found the perfect person for the job. It takes months for a new marketing campaign for a brand to get in the pipeline, but we think we really have something that will now set us apart in the busy space of advertising.


We were looking for something to help with self-guided tours of our aviary and botanical conservatory. We have the standard interactive displays, signs and map brochures, but we were considering augmented reality to really make a self-guided tour something for our guests to enjoy. We turned to a company that does app development in Singapore for help. We did not want the app to be static. We needed a way for our employees to easily add to it as displays, seasons and the birds change. It also had to be amazing so that we could more justify our cost increase for tickets.

Museums and other places such as our aviary and conservatory are suffering from the change in how people experience their worlds and gain knowledge. The Internet has made virtual experiences so easy to consume that people do not know what they are missing by not seeing the real thing. High-definition displays and surround sound can mimic the effect of being surrounded by tropical species of birds, but there is a lot of sensory information that is missing. You cannot smell the vanilla of an orchid or experience the feeling of butterflies landing on your shoulder that you can when visiting here. However, people rarely let go of their smartphones nowadays even when experiencing reality. We thought that augmented reality in an interactive app would help them experience what we have in a whole new way.

The augmented reality app lets you point at a plant or bird and get information, trivia and more. We even have gift shop items connected with some of our key attractions. Plus, users can get a preview of the tour before they even come out so that excitement and anticipation build. Our staff can easily update the app for new attractions and seasonal events. Using GPS, tiny plastic marker stickers that are scanned and pattern recognition software bring up the information when you point your smartphone camera at things to see the augmented reality. It is quite advanced and well worth our investment.


I am going to help my father get his farm back on track, because I know it means a lot to him and he has been struggling to keep it viable for a number of years. I am not really sure how much time I am going to have to put towards this effort, but I will do my best with the time that I do have. I am looking to buy some oem molded & extruded rubber & plastic seals because one of the things that badly needs to get done on the farm, is that some of the equipment needs repairs. If it is not repaired, and continues to be used as my father has intended to do, then there is a good chance that the equipment is going to become broken beyond a state where it can be repaired.

That needs to be avoided, as my father simply does not have the capital to be able to replace the equipment on his farm. I know he has been very stressed out for the last few yeears, and dealing with a number of different problems, most prevalent among them are financial issues. But I think that neglecting the equipment is a bad way to go, because it will only serve to make his troubles worse over the long run. I do not know if we are going to be able to fix all of the equipment. Some of it is pretty bad off. But I noticed that on a few things, that all that really needs to be done is to have some new seals put on. That should be a quick fix and relatively inexpensive too. So I hope to order the seals off of the internet, because that is probably the cheapest way to buy them at the moment.