John Sande


I was pretty scared when my mom was hit by a car. I had no idea how bad her injuries were for nearly three hours. When I finally talked to the doctor, I was so relieved to hear that she was going to be fine, even with her broken leg and bruised ribs. I knew she was in a lot of pain, and I urged her to move in with me until she recuperated. She is so independent though, and she said she would hire a part time cleaner in Singapore to come at least once a week to help clean.

I knew she had more things to deal with than just cleaning her condo, but it did not surprise me that was where her focus was. I finally stopped bugging her to move in with me because I knew that it was just not going to happen. Instead, I looked at different cleaning companies so we could find the one that would live up to her standards. It really did not take me too long to find the one, because there are few that have the reputation that Kleepers has. I read quite a few testimonials, and I knew that my mom would be happy with their services just from that.

The part time cleaner came in so we could both meet her and see if she would work out. It was evident from the first few minutes that she was definitely going to work out though. She takes her work very seriously. My mom, who is extremely efficient when it comes to cleaning, found no faults at all with her work, which is nothing short of amazing. In fact, she even asked her for some pointers on some of the cleaning materials she was using. I think my mom may just maintain her services even after she gets better!


We have rooms that are too hot or too cold in the summer when the air conditioning is running, and the same thing in the winter when the furnace is on. The rooms that are tool cold in the summer are too hot in the winter. I figured it had something to do with the air flow in the rooms, but I was not sure how to fix it permanently. I called for HVAC repair in NYC for a tech to come and figure it out. I was adjusting vents in the rooms and the dampers on the ducts to no avail. It was getting frustrating. I would take a room that was too cold and make it too hot. Then it would be too cold again when I tried again. If I made the hot rooms cool, then another room that was normal would get too warm.

The technician found two problems with our system. The first was that both the central AC unit was not big enough for our house. I bought it used and had a friend install it. The units are measured in tons, and our system was about a half ton too small to work on our house before we added the addition. Now it was even worse. Our furnace was barely adequate for the house, but good venting and touching up some insulation in the older part of the house would fix that.

The other problem was the vents. We needed a zone control HVAC system because of how our house was laid out. The additions gave it an odd shape, and there were open areas, hallways and large and small room to heat and cool. The tech said that it sounded worse than what it was. They could use most of the existing ducts, but a couple of return air vents would definitely need to be installed. The zone system and new AC unit has us very comfortable. I actually added the insulation myself to save some money on the upgrades.


I have heard a lot of things about satellite Internet through the years, but it turns out that most of them are simply not true. The only reason I know this is because I had to get this type of Internet connection when I moved to a rural area about a year ago. I knew that I would have to have Internet even if I was not interested in it for myself, because I do have three kids who have never lived in a world where the Internet was not an option for homework, learning and just plain old fun.

I was a bit hesitant about making this move, but I knew that I really did not have a choice. The biggest thing I had heard about satellite Internet is that whenever it storms, there will be no service. Well, I live in an area where storms are common, and I have yet to lose service to either my Internet or my TV, which is also through satellite, on any of them. I also heard that service could be spotty even on nice days, but this turned out to not be true either. I have never had a problem connecting to any website, regardless of what the weather is like outside.

I also heard that the speeds can be atrociously slow. Well, that is just another myth that we have debunked here. We are able to stream videos, play games, and upload and download without any issues with speed. In fact, there is rarely any buffering during anything, which is more than I can say for the last Internet company that we had. Altogether, I am really pleased with the service that we are getting through Hughes Net. My kids are really happy with it too, and that is what truly matters to me.


We found a model to represent our brand. She had the look, personality and lifestyle to represent us for the long term. We were looking for a face and spokesperson to represent our brand who shared our values and beliefs. This is a hard thing to accomplish. It is easy to find a pretty face to represent your brand, but it is tough to find someone who actually should and could be associated with your brand. We found someone halfway around the world, and we used a company that does video production in Singapore to do some test video.

Our talent agent was tasked with finding a person who actually lived the life our products represent. We needed someone who was young, athletic and who lived a lifestyle of proper nutrition and health. Someone who was also family oriented and had children. Of course, she also had to have the face and smile we were looking for. The agent found an actress/model living in Singapore who fit our requirements to a tee. We needed to see her on video doing our marketing scripts, so the company that does video production in Singapore set up their studios to produce some rough shoots. They turned out great, so we asked them to shoot us a 30-second spot we could air if we hired her.

Building a brand is easier when you have a spokesperson. Look at the animated character who does the car insurance commercial as well as the character that actress Stephanie Courtney has created for another company. This is what we wanted, but we wanted more reality and less character acting. This was a tough thing to pull off, but our talent agent really found the perfect person for the job. It takes months for a new marketing campaign for a brand to get in the pipeline, but we think we really have something that will now set us apart in the busy space of advertising.


I am going to help my father get his farm back on track, because I know it means a lot to him and he has been struggling to keep it viable for a number of years. I am not really sure how much time I am going to have to put towards this effort, but I will do my best with the time that I do have. I am looking to buy some oem molded & extruded rubber & plastic seals because one of the things that badly needs to get done on the farm, is that some of the equipment needs repairs. If it is not repaired, and continues to be used as my father has intended to do, then there is a good chance that the equipment is going to become broken beyond a state where it can be repaired.

That needs to be avoided, as my father simply does not have the capital to be able to replace the equipment on his farm. I know he has been very stressed out for the last few yeears, and dealing with a number of different problems, most prevalent among them are financial issues. But I think that neglecting the equipment is a bad way to go, because it will only serve to make his troubles worse over the long run. I do not know if we are going to be able to fix all of the equipment. Some of it is pretty bad off. But I noticed that on a few things, that all that really needs to be done is to have some new seals put on. That should be a quick fix and relatively inexpensive too. So I hope to order the seals off of the internet, because that is probably the cheapest way to buy them at the moment.


My wife and I got married when we turned 18. We did not have the best home life. It was not horrible, but it was not great either. We both decided when we were 11 that we would get married as soon as we were allowed to. We had a plan to save as much money as we could to make our own way. We both worked part time jobs until we could work full time. We were able to get a place at after we got married. We were both working full time jobs and actually had good credit established by the time we turned 19.

We both spend time together learning about investing and planning for retirement. I have a friend who lucked into a high paying labor job under a union contract. He bought a new truck and lives in a place he can barely afford. We have a really nice apartment with everything we could ever want, and it is affordable. Plus, we drive an old minivan and a small pickup truck. The apartments are very nice, and there is even a swimming pool and playground. We are not having children yet. We are going to get through college first. My wife is studying to be a nurse and is excelling at it. I have a strong desire to enter the field of medicine too, but one of us has to keep working full time while the other goes to school.

We are impressed with our apartment. It is a really nice place and it is within our budget. We don’t mind living here at all. We thought we were only going to be able to afford some old place with old appliances and stuff. Everything from the walls to the floors and the nicely appointed kitchen are very nice. The next goal is to get a washer and dryer so no more trips to the laundromat.


We got our first military contract. With that came the need to occasionally send employees to military bases all over the world. We have employees who served in the military, and they knew the ropes of getting around on military bases. However, they were also keenly aware of the risks. We were new at this and found out we needed a DBA quote before we could even send an employee outside of the United States to a military base to work. The Defense Base Act was one of many new things to us as a company that was selling and maintaining equipment for the Armed Forces of the United States.

Yes, the military contract grew our company by a significant percentage. It was valuable to us, and we did not want to make any mistakes. Above that, we wanted our people to be safe when working in a theater of operations that was significantly more risky than doing work stateside. We wanted them to be insured, but we did not even know it was a requirement when we first started learning how to fulfill our contract. The DBA quote helped us fulfill the requirements of the act and get the best insurance to provide coverage for our people. Getting insurance is like hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. No one wants to think of being harmed in a war zone, but it does happen.

All of our employees have been safely returning. They do not have to work outside of the base, and we have strict protocols for keeping them in internal green zones during off hours. The insurance is a provision if all of our safety protocols fail. Some of our employees have reported losing friends they have made while working a contract across the world. They enjoy the work, but there is an emotional toll to fulfilling military contracts as civilian contractors.