John Sande


We were looking for something to help with self-guided tours of our aviary and botanical conservatory. We have the standard interactive displays, signs and map brochures, but we were considering augmented reality to really make a self-guided tour something for our guests to enjoy. We turned to a company that does app development in Singapore for help. We did not want the app to be static. We needed a way for our employees to easily add to it as displays, seasons and the birds change. It also had to be amazing so that we could more justify our cost increase for tickets.

Museums and other places such as our aviary and conservatory are suffering from the change in how people experience their worlds and gain knowledge. The Internet has made virtual experiences so easy to consume that people do not know what they are missing by not seeing the real thing. High-definition displays and surround sound can mimic the effect of being surrounded by tropical species of birds, but there is a lot of sensory information that is missing. You cannot smell the vanilla of an orchid or experience the feeling of butterflies landing on your shoulder that you can when visiting here. However, people rarely let go of their smartphones nowadays even when experiencing reality. We thought that augmented reality in an interactive app would help them experience what we have in a whole new way.

The augmented reality app lets you point at a plant or bird and get information, trivia and more. We even have gift shop items connected with some of our key attractions. Plus, users can get a preview of the tour before they even come out so that excitement and anticipation build. Our staff can easily update the app for new attractions and seasonal events. Using GPS, tiny plastic marker stickers that are scanned and pattern recognition software bring up the information when you point your smartphone camera at things to see the augmented reality. It is quite advanced and well worth our investment.


When I moved to my new house, I thought that I would be able to get by with just having an antennae, but that didn’t quite work out the way I thought it would. I had a large antennae for the roof, but there were just too many pixels in the picture, and it was not enjoyable to watch a show after a long day. I didn’t want to give up TV altogether though, because there are shows that I really enjoy watching. I went to to see about getting Direct TV since I had heard that they have the best offers around.

I was mainly trying to pick up my local channels because that is where all of the shows that I enjoy watching are. I did not want to spend a fortune on programming just to get these channels plus a few others though. I was able to see the different plans that the satellite provider offers to its customers, and I was happy to see that I would not need to get more than the lowest priced package. I considered getting one of the other plans so I could enjoy more programming along with some free offers like movies, but I knew that I would probably not use it enough to enjoy that level of programming.

I talked to one of the customer reps on the site that I looked at, and I was told that I would be able to lock in that price for up to two years. I was given the chance to upgrade, and I was really appreciative that they did not try to push me into getting something I really did not feel I needed. The installation was free, and my programming charges are very low each month. I get to watch the shows I like, and I am not paying very much to do that.