My Mom Needed a Part Time Cleaner

I was pretty scared when my mom was hit by a car. I had no idea how bad her injuries were for nearly three hours. When I finally talked to the doctor, I was so relieved to hear that she was going to be fine, even with her broken leg and bruised ribs. I knew she was in a lot of pain, and I urged her to move in with me until she recuperated. She is so independent though, and she said she would hire a part time cleaner in Singapore to come at least once a week to help clean.

I knew she had more things to deal with than just cleaning her condo, but it did not surprise me that was where her focus was. I finally stopped bugging her to move in with me because I knew that it was just not going to happen. Instead, I looked at different cleaning companies so we could find the one that would live up to her standards. It really did not take me too long to find the one, because there are few that have the reputation that Kleepers has. I read quite a few testimonials, and I knew that my mom would be happy with their services just from that.

The part time cleaner came in so we could both meet her and see if she would work out. It was evident from the first few minutes that she was definitely going to work out though. She takes her work very seriously. My mom, who is extremely efficient when it comes to cleaning, found no faults at all with her work, which is nothing short of amazing. In fact, she even asked her for some pointers on some of the cleaning materials she was using. I think my mom may just maintain her services even after she gets better!

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